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Para Professionals as members who can view as Admin but not change anything



   With remote learning, there is a strong need for Paraprofessionals and teacher Aides to join our courses and be able to view as an administrator.  They need the view function to be able to help their student with their work in class and out of class.  However, they should not have full administrator access to change the materials around.   In the past, I have added Paras as students but now that we are connected to our grading system, the paras get booted out of schoology every time the two systems synch; therefore, the para has to rejoin.  Also, with the para being a student, he/she cannot see what his/her students are working on.  There needs to be a level in between member and administrator for paras, aides, and school administrators.  They just need to be able to view the course and not change anything.


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