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Cannot log in on non school device


Ok so sometimes we have issues with the chromebooks and I would like my children to be able to log into our personal devices in case of backup emergency. Why will it not let them on? Email and passwords are correct. 



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    Nina Lewis Comentario oficial

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Help Desk!

    I apologize for the delay in response. However, I am happy to hear you resolved this issue. 

    If you continue to experience difficulty with this issue or have any more questions, please let me know. I will be happy to help.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Connor Hall

    That is something that you will have to ask the administration of your school about. They have control over that.

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    Julia Claussen

    I figured it out on my own, like everything lately. I have to go through their school website then schoology then log it... HOOPS. 

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    Connor Hall

    oops. yeah, you can't access the school's Schoology through the regular domain, normally there is the [schoolname]
    glad you could figure it out!

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