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Parent Folders -- Publishing and Materials inside keeping the section that it is published to


We have come across something in Schoology courses that I was unaware would happen, and we are hoping that we can request that the materials inside a folder stay published to only specific sections when we publish the folder that they are in.

So, we have teachers who have linked courses and they are sharing different materials to specific sections.  They are building these folders on the weekend, and have all of the folders ready for the week but can't publish all of their folders on Monday due to attendance expectations from the state.

So, right now, each day, they publish the parent folder (for this situation, let's say it's a Monday folder).  So, then in the Monday folder, we have different materials for some of the sections and the teachers had gone in for each day and assigned the right stuff to the right section.  As soon as they publish the Monday folder ALL of the materials go back to all sections seeing the teacher has to go back into each course and reassign all of the materials again.

We have a workaround by asking our teachers to create grading groups and instead of assigning to sections, they are assigning to grading groups.  This is work that we shouldn't have to do if the sections worked properly.

We are hoping that any materials that have specific sections assigned to them in a folder don't wipe out what has been assigned (and go back to being assigned to all sections) when that parent folder is published.


Thank you!


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