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Submitted a google doc with work but then a day later all the work is gone


I submitted a google doc that the teacher created and I filled out and submitted. Days later when she graded it all my work is gone and I have TWO of the documents in my drive. One filled out, one not filled out. They bothe have the same exact name. Why is this happening and how do I fix it because I have 60 percent grade in that class because of the problem.


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    Connor Hall

    Well, I guess first what you could do is not 'duplicate' or 'make a copy' of your files. It does happen, we accidentally make a new file with the same name. Other than that, I'm not sure, it wouldn't be a "Schoology" problem, it would be more of a google docs problem. I really hope you figure it out soon! maybe email your teacher about the issue and she will give you some slack. good luck!

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