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Refresh Reminders and refresh upcoming items


Why do I have to refresh the reminders and upcoming items each time I log in to a class instead of it automatically appearing?


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    Nina Lewis Comentario oficial

    Hi all,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Reminders and Upcoming Events on the Homepage, Courses, and Groups will not automatically load on the right sidebar. Users will be presented with the option to refresh Upcoming Events or Reminders to load any that they may have.

    With an increasing number of schools and districts relying on Schoology Learning to support their organization-wide blended, hybrid, and distance learning programs, PowerSchool is committed to ensuring that these schools and districts have our full support to deliver a smooth back-to-school experience during this critical time.

    As part of our back-to-school preparation, Schoology Basic users will also notice some differences in their user experience within the platform starting on August 19, 2020, as they will no longer have access to the following functionality listed in this article.


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    Professor B. Kopp

    We are wondering the same thing at our school.

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    Professor Calderwood

    Can this be fixed? It was fine for the last 7 years I've used Schoology. Students NEED to see their upcoming assignments in their face without having to hit refresh every single time they login.

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    Marty Nowak

    I agree...I realize we don't have the subscription or the paid version, but it is like the changed it just to make it harder on us. I am trying to talk my school into subscribing, but this definitely does not help the students give it a favorable review!!!

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    Andrew Cropper

    I have to agree with what others have said here. We have been using the basic version of Schoology at our school in Spain for about 5 years now and we were trying to convince our leadership team to switch over to the paid version.


    The fact that students and teachers can no longer see upcoming tasks and events is a real problem. Also, the fact that we can't assign certain activities to specific students is causing a lot of problems. The biggest issue is that we can't create tests any more, as this function has also been disabled.


    I really hope that Schoology reconsiders these new (bad) changes it has made to inconvenience its non-paying users and that in the coming weeks or months, decides to re-activate functionality for basic users. If not, I fear that next year we'll be switching our online learning environment to a different platform and something tells me, we won't be the only ones!

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