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Remove black bars on embedded Google Slide to Materials page.


I have created visual elements (interactive classrooms or bulletin boards) in Google Slides. I can embed them into Materials by creating a page and inserting media. I am able to change the code to remove the Google Slide toolbar at the bottom. 

When I do that, however, thick black bars appear at the top and bottom of the image that is embedded. It takes a lot of time and effort to adjust the height and width of the image in the code so that those bars disappear. The size of the bars change based on the size of the browser window. 


This is how I insert/embed the Page from the Web as Media:


This is how it appears in my web browser on my desktop computer: 


This is how it looks if I view it in my iPad:


How can I get rid of these black bars without a workaround (playing with the height/width)? 


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    Go into the embedded code and adjust the height to make it shorter  I did 350. 

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