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Can there be a way that Google docs aren't deleted when you copy assignments?

Don't have one drive assignments deleted at the end of the year.

Linking with google drive and support. Being able to copy assignments to each course and all material within the course being copied.

Work with google drive and edpuzzle to be able to copy over to other courses more easily

Better copy/paste from Word without all the weirdo formatting issues

Be able to see your most recent Docs/Slides when accessing the Google Drive app for any reason.

I want to be able to upload audio without the child having to download it to listen. For example, Google Slides allows you to insert an audio button but when I do it on schoology it isn’t as user friendly for my kids to listen to the assignments.

I would like for you to be able to detach a google assignment without having to delete the entire assignment. I know that once a child has opened up an assignment it is in their google drive, but if you accidentally add the wrong slide deck and save it... you have to delete the entire thing and redo it because it won’t let you edit or remove it while still keeping the assignment directions and rubric.

I’m wanting the option that Google Slides provides which lets you insert a video and then click by URL. I’ve used embed links to do that with google forms but it isn’t within the “add assignment” option.

Allow google doc assignments to be copied to classes

Allow google forms like the others

Have the Google Drive in Resources sorted like your GD!

Have Google Drive load into the APPS automatically!



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