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Dear Schoology why does it take you so long to fix problems after users have brought it to your attention?


On my first test I administered in schoology one of my students pointed out an error in my answer key.  When I fixed the problem in the key it did not go back and regrade each students test.  Not only that, but it continued to mark the question wrong in other classes where I had copied the test.  Now if this was a test on google form it would have automatically updated the answer to future classes after the fix was made.  But what has me even more concerned is that I went on your Help Center to find that this problem was first brought to your attention in January of 2018!  It is now the end of August in 2020 and the same problem is still occurring.  

If you aren't going to fix the problems that your users point out--then why bother even setting up a Help Center.




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