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Grading and Commenting Default


Make “allow student to see grade and comment” the default


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    Takeshi Kaneko

    I hate to be the bearer of depressing news.  This same feature request was posted nearly SIX years ago, and there is still no evidence that it is being considered in their feature roadmap.


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    Keith Fritz

    150 students... 

    x ~20 assignments per marking period... 

    = ~3,000 assignments that need grading per marking period.


    x4 marking periods...

    = ~12,000 assignments that need grading per year. 


    But divided by ~2 (because only about half of the graded assignments require a comment)... 

    = I STILL have ~6,000 times per year I need to click that damned box. 


    It is the single most aggravating aspect of working with Schoology. 

    And they've been hearing about it for years & won't change it. 



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