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Switching and Clicking Between Courses


Make it easier to switch from class to Class instead of clicking back through courses. And make the folders inside of folders stay open! I have to open the 6 weeks, open the week, open the day, etc. each time I come back to the class.


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    Mrs. BLOSSER

    Ruthie, I think they already have this feature.  For example, if I am in gradebook in class 1 and want to switch to gradebook in class 2, I simply click on what looks like the notebook in the upper right corner and select class 2.  That takes me to gradebook class 2 and not through courses > materials > gradebook. 

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    Christine Betley

    Mrs. Blosser, I was looking for that feature, too and when I do what you instructed above it doesn't show me my district populated courses only the course I created or joined as a student (eg. my sandbox).

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