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Missing Next/Previous Buttons and Inability to Create Sequential Tasks


Hi There

I'm in Australia so any help would be great!

I have been using Schoology for years in the basic mode. I have noticed this week whilst building my new course, the Next/Previous Buttons have disappeared. Now I have to go in and out via the folders.

Also this means I can't lock the course and create it so students have to do tasks and do so in sequential order. Is this just me or has this feature been taken away?

Also I though I would Upgrade but when I press on Upgrade it takes me to know where. I can't pay for a better version.

Can you please help me ASAP?

Rebecca Taylor


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    Nina Lewis Comentario oficial

    Hi all,

    With an increasing number of schools and districts relying on Schoology Learning to support their organization-wide blended, hybrid, and distance learning programs, PowerSchool is committed to ensuring that these schools and districts have our full support to deliver a smooth back-to-school experience during this critical time.

    As part of our back-to-school preparation, Schoology Basic users will also notice some differences in their user experience within the platform starting on August 19, 2020, as they will no longer have access to the following functionality listed in this article.

    We encourage you to have your organization’s leadership request a customized demo of Schoology Learning to understand what a full implementation looks like, potential funding through the CARES Act, and to get answers to any specific questions that may arise.


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Margarita Echeverri

    Hi Rebecca,

    I also noticed this problem yesterday.... It seems that Schoology is making changes in the Basic plan and now it does not have this option. See the news

    Schoology Basic: Back to School 2020-21 

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