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Printing COMPLETED Assessments with Scores


I know we are able to print blank versions of our assessments for students, but is there a way to print a student's assessment after we have graded it, including their responses and scores? I know for some students, physical copies of their assessments throughout a course are a great tool that they use for studying and getting better. 


If not, could that possibly be something that is added in the future?


Thank you!


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    Ilana Horowitz

    Yes, this is something we need for doing in-person review of final exams. 

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    Hannah Dwyer

    This is a must have!

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    Alfred Chan

    We use iPads to mark the assignments, give grades and comments (using Apple Pencil to write onto the assignment).

    We are unable to print the comments we put down alongside the assignment. We have to use a PEN to add them back one by one after printing it out. That is very troublesome. 

    Please find a solution to this issue. Your help is highly appreciated.

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    Ms. Flynn

    This is so important to be able to do when showing parents copies of their students work. I would also appreciate it for when students do test corrections!

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