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Access Code not working to create Student Account


I received the access code in an email from my child's school yesterday. I used the access code to set up a Parent Account on Schoology. It worked just fine, and I was able to get into the account. I picked up the Ipad today from my child's school, and tried to set up a Student Account on Schoology, but it kept denying the access code. Why won't the access code work to set up both accounts? I also noticed that while in the Parent Account, I can navigate between my name and my child's name. I'm so confused... Does this mean that I do not need to create a Student Account for my child?


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    Nina Rivera Comentario oficial

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Parent access codes and child access codes are different. It sounds like you created your parent account successfully. However, registering a student account requires a different access code. 

    Depending on how your child's account was set up, the login methods vary.  If you can toggle between your name and your child's name, it sounds like your child's account was already created at the district level in his/her school.

    In this case, we suggest you reach out to the school's designated Support Contact for further assistance. 

    I hope this helps!


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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    Patricia Henderson

    Interesting. We never received an access code for my daughter, just me. She's connected to my parent account, though. It shows a little photo of her, and we can open her courses. Perhaps this is why we can't open assignments. 

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    Renee Blue

    Thank you, Nina! We actually had wait for the letter to come in the mail with my son's username and password. After receiving that, we were able to get him logged in using the info in the letter. What I discovered though, is that the app that was pre-installed on the ipad is the app for parent access, not student access. The student app is a black logo, and the parent app is white. The only way we could get him logged in was to go through the Safari app, to the KISD website, then follow the links to the black Schoology app.

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