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PowerSchool Syncing Limitations & Integration


According to this Schoology support article: SCHOOLOGY SIS INTEGRATIONS, PowerSchool syncing has these limitations:


  • PowerSchool does not support the transfer of parent information via their API. This means that parents have to be configured from within Schoology. Schoology works closely with the district to understand how best to create parent accounts and maintain associations with students.
  • Attendance taken in Schoology is not transferred to PowerSchool. Schoology works closely with the district to explain best approaches for handling this issue.
  • Grades pushed to PowerSchool from Schoology do not contain Schoology grading scales and custom categories because PowerSchool does not yet provide APIs that supports this workflow.
  • In cases where there are multiple gradebooks in a single PowerSchool course, Schoology does not update a particular gradebook within a course.
  • When a user account in PowerSchool is associated with multiple buildings at your organization, PowerSchool will create two separate user accounts on Schoology. We recommend linking the two accounts together in Schoology.

Since Schoology is now part of PowerSchool, it would be greatly appreciated if you would overcome these limitations, especially since you already have some of these syncing capabilities with other SIS systems.

Even better would be to provide total integration between the two systems, making them one system. Right now there is too much duplication with teachers going back and forth between the two systems to do different tasks.



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    Bob Cassidy

    It would also be nice if courses synced in period order instead of randomly.

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