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Re: Transfer personal email Schoology account to school email Schoology account (once activated)

My school system is implementing Schoology this upcoming school year. I have created a temporary account using my personal email address to begin learning about Schoology as suggested by my principal. I'd like to add courses and begin loading basic information for each of my classes now, in advance of the beginning of the school year so that I'm able to be as prepared as possible on Day One with students, August 13.

If I set up an account under my personal email and add courses and assignments, etc. how easy will it be to transfer the content to my school account?

I tried to set up an account under my school email:, but could not. Schoology has that email address on reserve. This makes sense as my system has purchased the platform, but I don't want to wait until August to prepare.


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    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community! 

    The email address reserved message indicates that your school or organization has subscribed to Schoology, and that they are managing account creation from a system-level. To create an account at your school with your desired email address, you must contact the System Administrator of your school for further assistance. 

    In reference to transferring your course content from your personal account to your School account, you have a few options.

    1. You can save your materials to resources in your personal account and then share those resources with your school account.

    2. You can merge your personal account into your school account. Keep in mind that by doing this, the merged account will be deleted and your created content will be moved into the current account.

    Please let me know if this helps! 



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