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Google Parent Link restricts access to YouTube until age 13, and SPS Schoology Instructors are Publishing to YouTube


My 7 year old son received a Chromebook from Amazon when Covid-19 closed Seattle Public Schools. I have been trying to set him up to be self-sufficient with it - at least a browser with bookmarks to his education resources.


In order to set up a child with a Google account, Google Parent Link is required.

Parent Link only allows children to access YouTube Kids, not YouTube.

Removing Parent Link results in total deletion of the child's Google account and data, and Parent Link does not allow parents to grant their children access to YouTube (they gain it automatically when the kid turns 13).

Seattle Public School teachers are publishing elementary school lessons to YouTube.

My 7 year old cannot view his lessons through Schoology.


Workaround 1:

Uninstall Parent Link. Allow the child full access to the internet



Install a different browser on the Chromebook to bypass Family Link for Schoology (Firefox browser beta via Play Store, Brave by enabling Linux/running commands)


Unless educators publish to YouTube Kids, what other options are available?

Ideal Case: 

Kid can open computer, click a bookmark, and receive education






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