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Adjust the size of an embedded Google Slides in Announcements


Is there a way to embed a Google Slide that contains clickable links as an announcement and adjust the size to make it larger?  I would like to embed a google slide with a weekly calendar, that I can update regularly, by only editing the google slides and not having to either add as a pdf or copy and paste each time from a google doc.  When I use the embed feature, the size of the slides that are displayed are small.  I would like to make a slide that will fill across the screen so it is easier to read.  How can I do this?



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    Hi Ami,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Currently, adjusting the size of an embedded Google Slide in announcements is not a support feature in Schoology.

    As a workaround, you can create a page within in your course, add the Google Slide using the " Insert Content" feature and select the embedded content to adjust its size as seen in the video below.

    While the video shows how to adjust an embedded video, you can follow the same workflow for adjusting the size of Google Slides.



    Would the provided workaround help you reach your goals?

    I will move this post over to the Feature Ideas forum where other educators can show their support and upvote this idea.


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