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Hey guys really loving Schoology having been using it for some time at our school Caribbean Union College Trinidad and Tobago.
  • However we really need to have the ability to save individual question items from ASSESSMENTS to a resource bank AND be able to reuse them later. Not having this facility really defeats creativity and hard hours of work placed by educators, since these cannot be reused with flexibility or even combined with other assessment material.
  • Secondly as search option for emails would be great
  • Thirdly a search option for post and updates sections

Thanks as we all make Schoology the best LMS ever!


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    Hi, Mr. Alexander.

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    Item Banks for Course Assessments are on our Product Roadmap.

    We recommend following the Product Roadmap to receive updates on the progress of this feature.

    You can view the different phases here, here and, here.

    Also, we ask that you limit each post to one feature idea at a time. This allows us to better track the votes for your idea.

    Additionally, several of these ideas have existing posts with feedback from other educators. We recommend that you upvote these existing posts.

    In the future, please search for existing requests for your idea to help us consolidate feedback for the feature idea. See our Feature Idea guidelines for more info.

    Thank you for your understanding!


    Nina Lewis 

    Community Communications Specialist 

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