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Change Badges to Achievements and Upgrade Its Useability



When badges first came out I was pretty excited but found the implementation stopped just as it began.  I was hoping that assessments could have an advanced feature for if a student gets an A they earn a badge, or a feature where students can finish a guided lesson to unlock a badge.  None of that materialized.

If possible, let's take badges to the next level and have them signify "achievements".  Allow teachers to turn on things like:

Posted 10 Comments! Achievement

Got 100% on an Assessment Achievement!

Submitted an Assignment Achievement!  Submitted your 100th Assignment Achievement!


This would reward students for actively participating on Schoology similar to video games we currently play.  I feel like Badges was a great initial idea that never went anywhere...let's make it into something awesome!


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    I would greatly appreciate this! I manually give out achievement badges after tracking student progress daily. It is extremely time consuming, but it really helps motivation when students see recognition of their hard work. If awarding badges could be automatic, or if there could be "achievement" badges added to discussions/assessments/quizzes, that would be great! It seems like this feature would work well with the submission rules feature too.

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    Erin Percival

    Badges could really be amazing during virtual learning. I like the automation suggestion, but also would like to customize them more. Please make a frameless option. I love being able to upload my own, but hate spending time and messing around trying to fit it in the frame.

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