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I would love to see a better mechanism for providing students feedback on their work.  It's clunky for students to have to navigate back to a previous assignment to see their submission with teacher comments.  And let's face it... if it's more than two clicks, students just aren't going to do it.  Also, if I use the Assessment tool to create an assignment, there is no option to provide students with feedback.  What?! This is a fail.  Quality instruction is hinged on timely, relevant feedback to students.  PLEASE work to improve this feature overall.  This is critical for any type of remote learning.


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    Matthew Thompson

    I totally agree with this post.   I would also like to see the ability to hold comments/stickers for repetitive feedback.  Google Classroom has an option called "google keep."  Teachers can cut and paste these pieces of feedback that are saved in their account for multiple assignments that are common and used often.  I love Schoology, but there is a lot of room for increasing teacher productivity and making the LMS more valuable.

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    Mr Correia

    I'm going to highly regret the old type of test/quiz which offered great features... :(

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    Major Schwartz

    When viewing the home page of Schoology, on the right side of the screen it shows upcoming assignments. It would be very helpful if a green checkmark would be added after each of the assignments already completed, or add some additional indicator that the assignment has been already submitted.

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