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Add a feature to allow teachers to "schedule" when assignments and other resources post to a course


Please add a feature that will allow teachers to schedule when an assignment or other resource posts to a course. Other products have done so for a while. Although teachers prepare assignments, etc. ahead of class, they don't want these items to always be visible to students until class, or even a certain time during class. When teachers are out for the day, they are often unable to publish assignments, etc. at the time needed during class. This would be especially true if a teacher were to be out sick or at a conference.


I for one vote for this feature. Please vote if you agree.


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    Mr. Eynaud

    I just came to the forums to suggest the same thing. It'd make a really positive difference to my workflow!

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    Sean Coster

    I would like this very much please! To be able to stagger posts of resources / activities would be a fantastic feature (this is a feature of G Classroom that was excellent) - also to be able to schedule a class post would with a link to a resource would also be great.  During the recent lock-down in N.Z I would have found this very beneficial.   

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    Sally Shipley

    Please, please add this feature!!!!!! I came here to see if it was an available option, clearly, it is not at this point.

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    Sandrine White

    Yes! Please add this feature! Being able to schedule assignment postings would be so helpful!

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    Russ Peterson

    Please ADD this feature. Managing workflow is an efficiency issue for teachers but is essential for follow along and not get lost.

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    Jessie Davis

    I agree with the comments above. Having the option to schedule a publish date for individual assignments ahead of time would be extremely beneficial. It would certainly cut down on the amount of time I spend having to publish work for my students and it would allow me to load more assignments in advance.

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    Ismail D.

    I totally agree. This is something really helpful to get things going smoothly. This is a basic feature on Google Classroom already.

    This is very disappointing for Schoology not having this feature!!

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