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On the Schoology App (not through a web browser), links will not work on my Google slides. Nothing happens when you tap anything that is linked to an external website. Only links to other slides will work. The links work when on Drive and even when on the web browser version of Schoology. But not for the app. In the app I’ve even tried the “View Web Version” option and that makes it so you you can tap on objects that are hyperlinked, and it acts like it’s going to open something...but then the screen is just blank.  Is there a setting I’m missing or is the app not capable of this?


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    Hi Jill,

    We have connected with our mobile engineering team on this matter and they have found that the ability to click on links in Google Slides in Schoology was not something that the mobile apps were originally developed to be able to do.

    However, the team is now aware of this and is investigating how to change the behavior in our mobile apps so that links within embedded Google Slides will indeed open in the future.

    While we don't have a time estimate on when this behavior will be implemented, we would encourage you to keep an eye out for this functionality on our Product Roadmap which shows a snapshot of what we are currently developing at Schoology.


    Nina Lewis

    Community Communications Specialist

    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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