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Child not in list after code added

I have a parent account with my 2 daughters. Trying to add the 3rd one. It accepts the code, but afterwards does not show her on the drop down side menu with my other 2.

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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi Matthew, 

    Is the third child in the same organization as the other two? 

    If not, you will have to create a new parent account as accounts can only be associated with a single organization. After you've created your new account and added the child, you'll be able to link the two accounts together. Please see this article for more information: Linking Parent Accounts Across Organizations.

    If all of them are in the same organization and you are seeing this issue, please let us know. 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
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    Trang Thomasy



    I have 4 children in the same county school system. Two are in elementary school and two are in middle school. I currently see 3 of my children in my drop down option (2 elem. and 1 middle school child). I keep on trying to add my fourth middle school child (who goes to the same middle school as my other child, the code says its accepted but the fourth name does not show. 

    I assume that if they are in the same county or school district they don't need to be on linked accounts correct? especially when I can see one my middle school children but not the other. 

    Thank you in advance, 


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