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I understand with flash being retired and your implementing HTML5, that our systems admin needs to somehow okay that.  My question is even if they get the html5 recorder working, will it work in the ipad app?  I am a speech pathologist working with nonreaders.  I need fortem to be able to record as they look at a picture.  We are 1:1 using iPads.  They access schoology using the iPad app.  I thought I had it figured out by using a test question that had the picture and enabling student may submit audio/video.   However, when someone tries it on the app, they get an error message.    


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    Claire de Lacy Comentario oficial

    Hi Patty,

    Thank you for reaching out in the Schoology Community!

    The HTML5 recorder is not supported in Test/Quiz on the mobile app. However, there are other areas of Schoology in which you can record using the native recorder such as assignments and discussions. You may wish to use these course materials as an alternative.

    I hope this helps!


    Claire de Lacy
    Senior Knowledge Management Specialist
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    Brette Doyle (Schoology School Admin)

    Is there an anticipated date that the iPad App will be able to record for Tests and Quizzes? Kind of important with remote learning.

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