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Unable to post a comment


I am currently unable to post a comment for my course.  I have tried updated OS, using multiple browsers, different devices.  No luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi Andrea, 

    What kind of error message are you seeing? (Please include a screenshot if possible.) 

    Is it possible that your instructor has post/comment moderation enabled and needs to approve your comment first? 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology | A PowerSchool Unified Classroom Product

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    Kerri Habel

    I am getting the same issue. I can SEE the posts but there is no option to actually ADD the post. The icons on the right only show "collapse" "expand" or "scroll to top". No option to ADD a post. Are we supposed to be doing this in another screen?


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    Please make sure you are using the ID and password you received from the skyward. Then only you can post or submit anything.


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    Lashunna Morris

    I'm also having problem with the same thing any ways that you can help me

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    Amy Turner

    also make sure you are signed into the STUDENT link of schoology not the PARENT link. We made that mistake once and it greyed out everything a student normally has access to.  Once signed in on the correct link it will no longer have PARENT in the https line and you should have a comment box now available. Contact your school for the direct STUDENT link if you can not find it. Also make sure to SIGN OUT as the parent because it will sometimes default sign in as the parent instead of the student. Good Luck!



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