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Math Short Answer Assessment Question Type With Correct Answer


Currently, the math short answer question type in Schoology does not support automatic grading.  There should be an option to include the correct answer.  If I just need students to type in an equation as their answer, I should be able to have that graded automatically, instead of just adding the correct answer in the author's notes section.


OR, fill in the blank should include an equation editor option.  


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    Greg Bailey

    Also, a range feature for automatic grading would be fantastic. I.E. accept answers between 5.1 and 5.3 to account for rounding

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    Mr. Williams

    A range would be great when using Schoology in science labs where there is a margin of error.

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    Tabitha Durham

    I agree with both of these! Because of this, I am using Edulastic for some of my assessments instead of the Assessment tool in Schoology. I would LOVE to have a 1 stop shop for all of my quizzes/tests during Remote Learning with my students. I LOVE the data analysis capabilities in Schoology too.

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