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Text Box Size for Short Answer/Essay Question


Hi there,

I am wondering why the short answer/essay question box for students has not been made larger.  I have noticed that this has been entered by other uses as a feature request since 2016.  

Many teachers in my school have wanted to use the assessment and test/quizzes feature within Schoology but cannot because the current response box for students shows a total of five lines.  This is not enough room for students to write and be able to see their entire response which makes it challenging for students when the go back to edit/revise their work.

Please let me know if this change can be made.  It would really help the teachers use Schoology more and reduce the paper printed for quizzes and exams.

Thank you!


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    Yimei Shao Comentario oficial

    Hi Katie, 

    Printed test/quizzes and assessments will only have five lines allotted for short answer/essay questions, but this should not be an issue within Schoology online. 

    Within test/quizzes, students can drag the bottom-right corner of the text field to expand their view. 

    Within assessments, the text box should expand with each line of text. 

    Are you seeing different behavior? 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Katie Collins

    Hi Yimei,

    Thanks for the quick response.  I was able to expand the text box within the assessment feature each time I use the return key.  However in the test/quiz feature I am not able to drag the lower right corner to expand the view.  The link below will bring you to a video.

    Video of trying to drag short answer box in test/quiz feature

    It doesn't look like I have that triangle drag option in the lower right corner of my short answer box (see photo below).

    Please let me know if I'm missing something. 


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    Katie Collins


    I think I figured out how to make the text box larger in the test/quiz tool.  It seemed like I had to change to "rich text" in my settings.  Does that sound right to you?


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