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Timestamp of Decaying Averages


I want the flexibility to set the order of assessments for the decaying averages in the Mastery calculation.  Just because I go in and change a student's grade, doesn't mean I did a new/more recent assessment.  I may have noticed an error or had a student who was absent.  I want to control which assessment is counted as the most recent.


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    Colin Bridgewater

    Even if you can't offer teachers the flexibility to set the order of assessments, it makes more sense for the order of assessments for decaying average to be determined by the date the assignment was due. This allows for late submissions or for teachers to collect multiple assignments but be able to assess them in any order they want. Or, as Jessica mentioned in her OP, sometimes a teacher needs to correct a mark, and doing so should not cause that assignment to become the most recent one in terms of calculating a decaying average.

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    Mike Boodey

    Yes, I agree with the above, this change would be appreciated. Thank you!

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