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add the ability to embed content (especially videos) in Discussion posts


When a teacher is creating almost any kind of Material, it's possible to embed video clips in a number of ways:

  • Insert Content > YouTube
  • Insert Content > Google Drive Resource App
  • Switch to HTML and copy and paste the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, or GoogleDrive. In fact, switching to HTML allows all kinds of embedding of content.

However, when posting comments in a Discussion, no user is able to embed video content using any of these options. I can't see any other way to embed a video.

It is possible to upload a video file and attach it to a Discussion post (either directly or via Resources); however, that means that in order for anyone else in that Discussion to view that video, it first has to be downloaded to the user's device in order to be viewed.

I'm requesting that Discussion posts be adjusted so that users can embed video files. It would be great if they could have access to the Insert Content > Google Drive Resource App option, but at the very least, just offering the option to switch to HTML view would allow users to embed content into their Discussion posts.

As a teacher, I would like my students to be able to share videos they have created in their video journalism class with the rest of the students in the class. By sharing them in a Discussion, the other students (and I) can then offer constructive criticism and kudos, which will allow the whole class to learn from what each student has produced.

By allowing videos to be embedded in a Discussion, it will be easy for students to watch the video and then offer a reply.


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    Payson Bullard

    Yes, this would help my course so much! Please add this feature!

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    Ms. McKay

    As a workaround, you could use a media album instead of a discussion, and enable comments.

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    Sharyn Merrigan

    I have found that students can simply paste in the link to their video in a discussion comment.  We have done this with Adobe Spark videos.

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