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Interaction vs assessment: instant feedback


Modern web tools (see kahoot, quizzizz etc) give question by question feedback so students can more immediately benefit from their mistakes ahead of the next question.

Increasingly I also see the vocabulary of 'learning interaction' e.g. students drag & drop labels to an image and get immediate feedback but critically can then make corrections UNTIL they have got it right. Different grading options can allow it just to grade the final state of the interaction (hopefully correct) or e.g. the number of 'check' clicks they required to get it right. The crucial thing being however that they get it right or at least get the option to get it right before they move on.

Currently schoology doesn't seem to support the principle of interactions at all ...the assignments module could be adjusted to facilitate this potentially: ideally interactions also allow the addition of learning content e.g. inbetween interaction 1 and 2, a short bit of text might be displayed to read or a video clip embedded. A great modern example of this is senecalearning which illustrates this principle very fluently and powerfully. Unfortunately the assignments grading workflow also takes a couple of minutes to run so students can't even get immediate feedback once they have completed their work: they have to check back later which is real loss.

Hope to see it on schoology some time soon!

Best wishes



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