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Teacher access to student usernames and passwords


When I try to look up a student username I see this message:  "The privacy settings on the page you are trying to visit do not allow your access. Please navigate Home to continue using Schoology." and nothing else shows. For a student who is asking me her username. This is not helpful at all. How do I access this information please?


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    Hi Marnie, 

    As a Basic (free) instructor, whether you can view a student's profile depends on their privacy settings. Basic students have the option to have their profile and profile content visible to either their school or to no one. If their profile is set visible to their school, please make sure both of your accounts are associated with the same exact school in order to view their profile. 

    However, there is not a setting to make usernames publicly visible from the profile view. For a Basic account, this information is available only to the account itself. This means that if your student wants to know their username, they need to go to Settings > Account Settings > Username. 

    If your student needs their username because that's how they log into their account, and therefore are not able to view their Settings, please advise them to try using their email address instead. If they can't remember their email address either, they will have to make a new account, as student email addresses can not be made public either. 

    If your student knows their username or email, but needs to reset their password, you can do this for them from the course level. Please see this article for instructions: How do I reset student passwords? Please note that this option is only available if the student account is enrolled in the same school as the instructor account. 

    I hope this helps! 


    Yimei Shao
    Knowledge Management Associate
    Schoology, Inc.


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