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Assessment Actions Glitch


Ever since the newest update on the assessments, the drop-down menu on the right is glitching so that some options are missing (see screenshot). This glitch shows up on both Chrome and Safari.


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    Nicki Shackleford Comentario oficial

    Hi Stefanie, 

    Thanks for reaching out about this! Our Support team has confirmed the issue you're describing is a visual bug that occurs when opening the Actions menu from within the Questions tab of an assessment. You can still see the full Actions menu within another tab, such as the Setup or Grading tabs:

    Additionally, I've converted your post into a Support ticket, so our team can update you when this visual issue is resolved.

    I hope this helps! Thank you again for being an active member of the Schoology Community!


    Nicki Shackleford
    Knowledge Manager
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Claire de Lacy

    Hi Stefanie,

    I'm pleased to announce our Engineering team released a fix for this issue. If you continue to experience issues, please reply to your existing Support ticket and our team can take a closer look. For anyone still experiencing this issue, please submit a Support ticket here:


    Claire de Lacy
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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