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Flags while grading student submissions and effort/attainment grading


Just a few requests from me here, a teacher in a secondary school 11-17. I love Schoology - what a cool product. Thank you for helping me (a teacher of 10 years) get my marking and delivery of my courses under my control how I want. 

1st, user defined custom flags for assignments. 

  • Flags, I would like to be able to mark late work (but leave a flag to state that the student handed it in after the deadline to help me in reporting. 
  • A 2nd flag I would like is for poor handwriting
  • A 3rd flag I would like is for poor spelling
  •  Or even a flag for excellent work (that I can give merits to at a later date easily)

Could you add the feature called "custom flags" under assignment submissions so the teacher/lecturer/marker can make their own custom flags then when exporting the data, build a nice picture if that student is repeatedly late, or see trends for reporting.


Effort + attainment grades. I would love to perhaps define an effort scale for my grading and use it if I wish. Even a thumbs up, or thumbs down for effort, or flag Merits that I would like to award for excellent work for inputting in to our other systems for tracking excellent attainment in a piece of work. 


The preview pane for text/PPT/word/PDF - this is really flaky, can we either disable it as an option for all submissions and courses or can its functionality be improved. PPTs render poorly, TXT files do not wrap effectively, Word documents have issues. Apple files cannot be rendered properly on windows machines. 









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    Claire de Lacy Comentario oficial

    Hi Mr. Attenborough,

    Thank you for submitting your ideas in the Schoology Community!

    We ask that you kindly keep one feature idea per post, as per our Community Guidelines. This helps us streamline the Community requests and easily track the votes for specific features. Thank you for your understanding!

    Custom Flags

    In an effort to consolidate support for this feature and to streamline the Community, please provide an upvote to this pre-existing post for the same feature: Be able to personalize our flags so not just excused and missing, but we can use our own codes.

    Effort and Attainment Grades

    Are you looking to create your own grading scale? You can create a grading scale under Grade Setup in your course and select Add from the Scales panel on the far right. Additionally, you can use Badges to award students for achievements.

    Preview Pane

    The Schoology Document Viewer displays all files as PDFs. This can lead to format discrepancies when uploading different file types. When viewing student submissions, you can download submissions from the doc viewer to view files in their original format. Similarly, students may download files that have been uploaded to your Course Materials.

    Additionally, you can provide an upvote to this pre-existing post for improvements to the Document Viewer: Assignment viewer format altered for .doc, .docx. If you believe you are experiencing a different issue with the Document Viewer, please open a ticket with our Support Team so that they can troubleshoot the issue:

    UK Date Format

    If you would like to use DD/MM/YY formatting, I would recommend updating your language setting to English (UK). This should change dates such as "Wednesday, April 10, 2019" to "Wednesday, 10 August 2019" and "04/10/19" to "10/04/19". You can adjust the language setting from the bottom left navigation bar:

    I hope this helps!


    Claire de Lacy
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Mr. Attenborough

    Oh, and one more thing while I have my idea hat on, Don't suppose we could have British formatted dates for us people in Blighty? 

    31/3/2019 vs. 3/31/2019... 

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