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Please allow me to access scores from my mobile device! I'm in the gym and live on my iPad for quick feedback to formative quiz results.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello Mrs. Jones,

    Thank you for posting your idea here in the community.

    Can you please provide more detail about your idea?

    When you mention "Scores", where in Schoology would you be viewing those scores? (Assessments, Assignments, Gradebook etc.) 

    Thank you in advance for the additional information!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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    Mrs. Jones

    Yes, I would like to see them directly in the assessment itself (like I could for the old test/quiz version). For example, if students complete a new assessment, when I open it on my Schoology App from my iPad, I would like to be able to see their immediate results. The assessments says "This activity is not available in the mobile app right now"

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    Charles Black


    Thanks again for the additional information, Mrs. Jones!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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