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Copy/Shortcut/Alias Materials into the same course


Is there a way to copy any material (or create a shortcut/alias to that material) within a course?

I have a set of instructions/scoring guidelines (created as a page) to go with a group of assignments that occur throughout a course.  I want to post those guidelines every time I post one of these assignments in my different folders for different units and sub-lessons.

I see that I can copy that page to a different course.  

If this can't be done, it would be a great feature for future development.




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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hi Zach,

    While there isn't a way to create a shortcut or alias to an item within a course (great idea), you can copy materials via this process:

    • - In your course, save the item to Resources. (click the gear icon to the right of the item and select Save to Resources)
    • - Once the item lives in Resources you can copy that item back to your course as many times as needed to create multiple copies. (In Resources, click the gear and select Copy to Course).

    I'm going to move your post to our Feature Idea forum so that others can find and upvote your idea.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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    Zach Kindt


    Your solution seems to be functionally equivalent, but a follow up question comes from that.  Would changes in the resource automatically reflect themselves everywhere?  

    Example: I need to add a sentence to the existing page in Resources.  After adding, does that "push out" to all the places that I've imported the resource?  Or, would every location need individually updated?

    I would think Schoology users would benefit from both options.  An alias is a mirror to that one file, whereas a copy is literally that--a new file that, if modified, does not affect the parent file nor any sibling files.

    Thanks very much for the timely response!

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    Charles Black

    Hey Zach,

    Yes, as you guessed, a copy of the item is literally a copy and changes need to be made to each copy of that item - the content is in no way linked.

    This detail will help us better understand the use case for this feature, thanks for spelling that out here.

    A feature that is currently available that you may benefit from as an Enterprise user is Linking Sections. This feature is intended to allow instructors with several sections of the same course to manage one set of materials across those sections. Not sure if this applies in your scenario but, it is in the neighborhood and does help many instructors save time managing content. Hit the link above for full details. 

    Thanks again for providing detailed info about your idea!

    - Charles, Schoology Team

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    Nadjib Aktouf

    Agreed! Many teachers would benefit from this feature, I hope it is considered. 

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