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Ability to drag/drop into a T-chart or equivalent


I would like to be able to have only a couple of criteria on a T-chart and then have the students drag / drop  answers to the appropriate section. For example, on a Civil War test, I would like to be able to have a chart with the words across the top: NORTH , SOUTH, BOTH. 

then have answers that you drag to either column- for example: General Lee, General Grant, had slave states, fought barefoot, used cannons etc...  would be nice to have images as an option as well.

Not sure if there is a workaround with the current system?


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    Megan Fretz

    This would be awesome, particularly if the order they drag and drop things in to the columns doesn't matter.

    One work around I've tried to use is the fill in the blank drop down menu...but again, if you have many options in the drop down list and many drop down menus in one column, the number of possible correct answers is too big to create all the possible answer options in the question!

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