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Messaging Member Search Criteria


We have a number of students in our district who have 2 letter last names, for example, Ng or Hu.  However, when we try to message these students in Schoology using their last name nothing populates.  

It seems like the Schoology messaging feature is set up to begin searching at 3 letters. For example, for my last name Collins I cannot search "co" to find members, I have to type in at least "col" in order for Schoology to begin bringing up members to message.

Also, I can't search by First AND last name.  I can only do one or the other.  For example, I can search "Katie" or "Collins" but I can't search "Katie Collins."  It becomes a problem when you are searching for a generic name like Katie.  Schoology might pull up 50 or so Katies in the district and then we have to scroll through the list to find the correct member to send a message to.


Can these features be changed so we can find members that have last names with only two letters?  And can we search on both first and last name?



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