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Grading groups that select from all the members of linked sections


Is there a way to create a grading group that applies to students across multiple linked sections?

I have special education and ELL students split into different sections in my course.  If I want to create an ELL version of an assignment and assign it individually to all of my ELL students, I need to create a group in one section AND another group in the second ELL section.  Then when I individually assign I have to remember to pick BOTH the groups.  It means I'm often creating 8 grading groups for one assignment with 3 different versions, when I really only needed to create 3 groups... one for each assignment.

When I click on the grading group in one section it looks like I can click on different sections and add new members... but while the "edit group" button is there, when I click on it nothing happens.  




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