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Portfolios- Bring the Hidden Gem of Schoology to the Front


This is a two part feature request for more attention to portfolios to provide students with a bigger voice.


  1. I love the update of placing Grades up top where students can easily check their mastery report. Can you place Portfolios in this drop down to allow students to easily access their portfolios? This will allow students to quickly access their portfolio page versus going to their profile and then clicking on portfolios. Portfolios are currently hidden.
  2. In addition, it would be beneficial to place portfolios in the top menu bar for the teacher role. When they click on this, it can bring them to a page that they should see a listing of their classes and students to easily access their students portfolios. As of now for teachers to get to their students portfolios, they must go to a on on the on the portfolio...find the portfolio they want. Many steps. To go to another student they have to repeat these steps. I would recommend a priority Portfolio button for teachers that brings them to a page that allows you to search for students within your organization. Doing this will allow an active search similar to when you are "viewing the course as" which will bring you directly to that students portfolios;

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    Liz Lubeskie

    I love this idea Stephen!!!!!  

    Also, if portfolios had folders so that students could keep their items organized by year.  

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