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Hide Assignment Columns in Gradebook


Can you please create a way to hide an assignment from students   so teachers can release grades for that assignment all at once?


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    Charles Black

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Can you please provide more details about how hiding assignments would work? Per our Feature Ideas guidelines, can you also provide use cases or scenarios, from the student and teacher perspectives, showcasing how this feature would function?

    This detail will help us understand your vision and goals for this feature!

    Thanks in advance!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.


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    Katie Collins


    I'm not looking to hide an assignment, but hide or locking a grade column so student's don't have access to a particular assignment grade. 

    For example, I have a handful of English teachers who are grading papers.  While they're reading, editing, and grading these papers they don't feel as thought it's fair to post a student's grade when it might take a week to get through everyone's essays.  The last student might have to wait a week to see his or her grade when a student received their comments/grade a week before. 

    Being able to hide a grade column would allow the teacher to release or post all the grades at once. A fair way for each student to see their grade + feedback at the same time.  The teacher could say "grades will be posted Friday at noon" and students could log in to Schoology then to see their grade.

    As of now, the only work around is to "unpublish" the assignment and then republish it when all the grading is complete.  However, this does not work unless all students have submitted (teacher's can't start grading early - they have to wait for each student to submit).

    I hope that helps to clarify what I'm looking for.


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    Charles Black

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for clarifying your feature idea, sounds great!

    - Charles

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    Sara Martinson

    I would love to see this, as well. Our district is switching over to Schoology grading in the fall, and this is one of the sticking points for teachers. There are a lot of great benefits of Schoology, but this is one that is causing some consternation.

    Thank you.

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    Nadjib Aktouf

    We really would like to have the ability not to publish grades (and still have them in the gradebook) for published assignments. Currently once an assignment is published, it appears in the gradebook and as soon as grades are in there students can see them. We grade and then moderate and so we do not want students to see their grades until they are finalized or we grade and want to discuss the assignment and grades with a student before they are published.

    Thank you

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    Mr. Broach

    Yes!  We have this issue with grading in Turnitin via Schoology.  Our teachers will change the "post" date within Turnitin so that all grades are released when they are done grading, rather than each time a teacher scores a paper.  However, despite the post date in Turnitin, the grade appears in the Schoology gradebook for students to view as soon as the teacher grades their work.  The problem with this is that many of our teachers (myself included) will go back and re-evaluate papers before publishing grades.  For example, I've found that I might have been too strict with my rubric at the start of an assignment or inconsistent - something that isn't realized until after grading several papers.  Hiding grades allows me to reevaluate my grading to ensure fairness for all students; however, it makes it difficult for me to do so if students have already seen a grade.

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