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How to prevent all students being marked as Present in Attendance


Is there a way to prevent the present icons from filling in automatically when you click Start or click into one of the cells in a column?  I have teachers who would prefer it to be blank until they click on the corresponding cell for each student. They want to be able to see who has not checked-in/arrived or if they have missed anyone.  


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    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for posting your question in the Community.

    Currently, the green check mark indicating "Present" is the default when managing attendance. Once an instructor clicks Start or clicks within an attendance field, they will see green checks for of each student. Clicking the individual attendance cell for a student will toggle through the different attendance choices. For full information about Attendance, please review this Help Article:

    Attendance marks do not save until Save Changes has been clicked, regardless of any changes made on the page. If Instructors do not want to record any attendance, they can navigate away from Attendance and not click Save Changes.

    I'm going to move this post to the Feature Ideas forum so that others can find and support changing the current default of Attendance based on your ideas here.

    Thank you!

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