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Go back to the old "home screen" in the app


I really do not like the new "home screen" in the app.  And by home screen, I mean what you see when you first open the app.  Previously, it had on the left side, the notifications/posts/updates/whatever you want to call them from groups and courses.  On the right at the top, were the reminders of undgraded things.  And on the right at the bottom was the upcoming things list.  Everything was right there, no need to go find it.  

When I first opened the app this School year to begin grading things, I was a little lost trying to figure out where they were.  The menu that appears on the left when you tap to open it is the same, but I didn't know what any symbols at the bottom mean.  I would not have guessed a pushpin for things that need grading.  At least I found them.  

The more irritating thing is that after I finish grading an assignment, I don't go back to the page of ungraded assignments, I go back to the notifications/posts/updates/whatever and then have to tap the pushpin to see my list again.  I hate extra taps/button pushes.  I also hate not seeing all that when I open the app either.

I also am incredibly nervous that now my students wont see those upcoming assignments/quizzes/tests that I have entered without first going to the calendar.  Having those viewable upon opening the app was priceless.  Please put it back.


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