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Add the ability to switch to a low contrast scheme.


Please consider adding the ability to switch to a low contrast scheme (dark theme) that can easily be toggled in the navigation bar. From experience, it helps prevent eye strain and helps users focus better.

I've attached an image of what this feature would look like using a chrome extension that allows CSS modification of specific websites.


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    Mr. Williams

    Yes please!  I am a fully online teacher and staring at the bright white background all day every day is brutal on my eyes.

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    Abigail Hockstok

    I agree! As a student who uses this to keep up with my many classes and extracurriculars, staying up late to study is a must and having a dark mode would help me a ton. 

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    Andrew Li

    As a student myself, I totally agree. Especially during this quarantine where you have to be on Schoology for extended periods of time.

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    Erik Greenwood
    We would like to see the ability to increase highlight contrast in gradebook. Currently, Gradebook highlights light blue against a white background.
    The current low-contrast highlight could be categorized as an accessibility issue because it causes teachers to strain their eyes.
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