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Have a numerical question type option with an accepted error range.  This would allow for a fixed range of answers to evaluated as a correct response.  For example, if the answer is 30 with an accepted error of 5, then any number between 25 and 35 would be a correct response.  This would be especially useful in math and science classes where rounding may come into play or even just listing a different number of decimal places.  Please consider adding this question type.


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    Matthew Wiley

    I'm currently teaching an honors physics class and adding free response math questions is quite difficult. We need an error range to allow for answer choices that might be off by as little as .001. In schoology, if the answer is not exact it is counted incorrect. Even if i add other acceptable answers, it is far too time consuming to add mulitple accepted answers for multiple problems. 

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    I agree - please do this!  I am using this for AP Physics C, and I am spending way too much time changing students' grades because they entered one extra or one too few digits.

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    Mr. Bishop

    Please add. We are changing from Blackboard to Schoology this fall and this is my biggest concerns! Can this be done???

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    Mr. Guenther

    This question type is currently my biggest concern. Having it added to the possible question types is necessary for Algebra teachers, especially in Texas so we can mimic and help prepare our students for state exams.

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