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Pass/Fail Calculations on numerical assignments.


What I would like to see is the ability to assign an assessment/test/quiz that grades numerically, but be able to assign grades like pass/fail according to thresholds.

For example, I have a safety test that students need to pass with 100% otherwise, I keep a 0 in the gradebook. If they have an 85% on that test, I want it to force their numeric score to 0.

Setting up a grading scale does not adjust the numeric points from those assignment types because they are numeric, and I want the actual scores to be affected by something like a grading scale.


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    Mathew Karasek

    To add to that. Be able to manipulate the Overall Grade to P/F.

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    Mrs. Kuryla

    Over all grades need to communicate to parents (and students) about the child's journey towards mastery. It was common practice when I was in school to "curve" exams.  Now we scale them.  I would like the ability to override numeric grades with a grading scale. Until this feature is available, I am limited with how much I can use the assessment tool.  If I am having students do questions to practice for a state assessment where 27% of the raw points is receives a scale score of 65 (NY Algebra 1 Common Core Regents Exam), then I don't want a raw score 27% to be calculated in the gradebook as a 27%.  We need the ability to set our own scales.

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