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Increase Maximum Linked Sections

  • I teach 12 sections a year of two different courses, as do many/most of my job-alikes in district. I'd like to have all twelve sections linked so I can share material more easily, but I am limited by the 10 section cutoff. 
    Please consider, if possible, increasing the maximum number of sections limit for linked sections.

My current  workaround is to group courses by term, and export the entire course to resources each term and import and reorganize for additional sections, but then I have the cumbersome, time consuming task of doing a completely fresh course setup each term, instead of having the course infrastructure and materials be up-to-date and cleanly set up for each new batch of sections. I also risk organizational errors when having to completely set up each class anew for each term while closing out grades from the previous term in a very short time period.

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    Patrick Freeberg

    Has there been any resolution to this issue? I am working with a group of teachers who would like to group their courses. Similarly to the OP, there are 12 sections of this course and we are limited to 10 by Schoology. The course is common with materials, expectations, due dates, etc. One teacher has agreed to manage the Schoology site for all teachers. this would be easier for all in so many ways. Wondering why this cannot be done. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Charles Black

    Hi Patrick,

    Since this is a Feature Idea that Jess has proposed recently, we will be looking for Feature Ideas with lots of votes to show that the Community in general are in support for this idea and its importance. Take note that there are Feature Idea posts with many votes that have yet to be implemented based on our current prioritized Product Roadmap and potential complexity, depending on the idea.

    Thanks for checking in on this idea and for your help making Schoology even better!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Yes, we desperately need this.  We are using Schoology to manage our school improvement planning process, so I need linked sections for 15 schools.  I am finding it very aggravating to make changes in multiple places due to the limit on linked sections.

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    Trevor Gontz

    I would like to keep this thread / Feature Request alive as it is very important to me and several of my colleagues. In my building there are 6 teachers that have 12 sections of 4th grade, 12 sections of 5th grade, and 12 sections of 6th grade. There are 12 classes at each grade level and 6 specials/related arts teachers (art, library, music, phys ed, health, technology). We (the related arts teachers) see the students all year long with a 6 day cycle. So each special area teacher has 2 of the 12 classes on each cycle day for a total of 12 sections of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

    I currently link half of each grade level together into 2 total sections for each grade. (Each linked section is comprised of 6 sections/classes.) While it doesn’t seem like the end of the world to have to manage 2 sections for each grade level it is inconvenient (as it is twice as much work as it should be), sometimes confusing (to find the correct linked section for a specific class), my Courses page has way too many courses on it because of the courses I teach and other courses that I belong to (3 courses could be eliminated if I could link all 12 sections at each grade level), and I personally believe that a limit on the number of sections you can link is unacceptable. 

    In addition to my building I know of several other intermediate buildings and middle schools where the special area teachers have the same schedule. So there are many teachers who could benefit from being able to link at least 12 sections.

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    Ms. Eusebio

    I have to generate 20 identical courses every summer to onboard our incoming students, and it would be incredibly helpful to be able to make all the edits in one place without having to edit each class individually (after importing content into each course).

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