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Include Gradebook columns in Copy Settings feature



 Please include the Gradebook columns for items to be graded in the options/items to be copied in the Copy Settings tab in Grade Setup for two use case scenarios. Currently, when the course is copied, the instructor has to add the new dates for tasks, which is understandable. However, (first case) if these tasks were demarcated as 'gradable" in the previous course, then when copied, they should keep that status and populate the Gradebook. Instead, the settings default to Ungraded for tasks copied to new courses, which means the instructor has to remember to do 2 things---add the date AND make it gradable. Sometimes instructors forget to do this. Keeping the gradable status on the task will reduce human error.

Another use case scenario is when instructors add columns manually to the Gradebook for web-enhanced courses, they will not need to repeat the action for multiple sections of the same course IF the Gradebook columns are included in the Copy Settings feature. 

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    Hello Sandra,

    Thank you for sharing your idea!

    Can you please provide more detail about your idea, specifically what your goals are for copying 'Gradebook Columns'? Per our Feature Idea Guidelines, providing use cases or scenarios will help us better understand what this feature would accomplish in Schoology.

    Thank you!

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