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Feature Request: In the iOS app -show multi-day event on each relevant day in the calendar


When I create an event that spans a number of days, in the browser version it appear on the calendar on each day, while in the iOS app it appears only on the first day.  It would be very convenient to have the same behavior in the iOS app calendar as in the calendar in the browser version of Schoology.  We've been using events to remind students what they need to be working on for a given day or span of days and it works fine for the browser version but not in the app because of the behavior described above.

On a somewhat related note, we used to use a product that had a "Homework" pane where students could see what they needed to do for each class each day of the week.  This was really convenient for students and parents but we haven't found an approximate equivalent in Schoology.  Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.




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