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Course menu and dashboard TOO LARGE


Is there a way make everything in the courses menu SMALLER! I used to have a nice neat courses menu and now I can't even get to every course (there are over 12) from the main menu.  Or at least give us the option to choose our size.  It's overwhelming to see all of this, whereas it used to be tucked away and small. Even on the dashboard, I shouldn't need to scroll down to see my courses.   Below is what my entire computer screen (on a 15" MacBook Pro) looks like.  I can't imagine what Chromebook screen would look like.

Also, make menu rollover sensitive, rather than clicking on the course button to see what's in it.


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    Charles Black Comentario oficial

    Hello Ms. Kemnitz,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions. I am moving your post over the Feature Ideas forum so that others can search for and upvote your idea. 

    Thank you!

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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    Diane Lytle

    Yes, this is an issue for our faculty as well.

    Plus, the course pic is a different size in several places - course page, web, phone, tablet - so pics are truncated in some places.

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    Steve Dunford

    I agree - this new form-over-function course view is very restrictive and a downgrade from the previous version... I used to be able to quickly find and access any course in my list, now its a two or three step process.



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    Susan Nygaard

    When you're inside a folder in your class, you can't get back to the class homepage because the dashboard covers it up! Please fix it!

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    Mrs. Blevins

    Same issues!

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    Joanne Ewen

    I also have the same issues and it is very frustrating and slows down my ability to get things done. PLEASE FIX IT ASAP!

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    Michael Walker

    This is the number one complaint I hear regarding the new interface.

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    Rebecca Girard

    Totally agree with all previous posts. I also asked my students and they agree that this new format is not working for them either. Hoping a solution comes along quickly, please. Thank you.

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    I agree. I can't even scroll down to see all of my classes, I only see the first 12.

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    Mr. Walker

    Please fix this or give us the option for a smaller list in the drop down. It's been a huge usability issue for years now. I can't see how anyone would prefer the enormous icons.

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