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Dynamic Math Questions?


Is there any talk to being able to write dynamic questions in math? I understand I can create questions banks, but writing dynamic questions, especially for basic skills, would be a very helpful feature for math teachers.


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    Charles Black

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for posting your thoughts in the Community!

    I'm going to move your post to our Feature Ideas forum so that others can search for, find and upvote your post.

    We'd love more detail regarding your idea so, if you have time, please add some use cases (classroom scenarios) to your idea to help us understand your vision. Full guidelines for posting Feature Ideas are available here:

    Thanks again for sharing!

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    M. Magnuson

    Are you asking for a question like "What is A +B?" where A and B are random numbers (and different for each student) or selected from a list and you have answers such as "A-B, 2A+3B, A*B, A+B" where students see the appropriate numbers?

    Like this?

    If you are asking about such a format, don't get your hopes up. Such a tool has been requested for the past 5 years. Droology has responded with the non-committal response "What a nice idea; we will consider it.". Moodle has such a tool, but I was forced to migrate to Droology.

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    Amir Ressaissi

    This question type is key for limiting cheating in Math and Science. I use it every day in my physics class. It allows students to reattempt the same question several times without being able to 'guess' the answer. Please, please, please try to add this feature.

    Thank you.

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